*This post was orignally published on June 21 2020 on my blog*

It is June 21st 2021. Considering my sporadic appearance on this blog, the summer solstice seems like a good day to post an update.

Here is a speedy summery of 2021’s first half.

New Year. New Company. Goat Knight is here.

In February I co-started a…

The beauty and horror of being a freelancer is that you are usually called upon only when everything is on fire. This is exactly why I love freelancing. I get thrown onto surprising projects with impossible deadlines, where it’s up to me to figure out how to solve the puzzle.

I am excited to share one of the coolest projects I have worked on so far in 2018. In theme with October’s spookiness, I was hired by Uproxx to work on an animated horror short promoting Intel’s Optane Technology. …

Interview: “#Interview What is it like to be a woman in the field of Motion Graphics?” on Venture App

I was interviewed by Hannah Kowalczyk-Harper, on Venture App this past Wednesday. An interview chat in front of a live audience was definitely a new experience for me! We discussed everything from work to travel, to being a woman in the motion industry. …

El Ogorodova

A Muscovite raised as a Milanese, is now designing between Madrid, Los Angeles and Lugano. el-ogorodova.com

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