Animation, Projections and Monsters

Freelancing will throw you into the unexpected. It’s worth it.

The beauty and horror of being a freelancer is that you are usually called upon only when everything is on fire. This is exactly why I love freelancing. I get thrown onto surprising projects with impossible deadlines, where it’s up to me to figure out how to solve the puzzle.

Erik Campbell bringing El Ogorodova up to speed on the project for the first time
Jimi Martinez and El Ogorodova testing the illustrations for rigging
El Ogorodova comping the character animation into the scene
Projection-mapping team testing the projection on location
“The Shadow” Intel and Uproxx shoot at LA Artwalk
Musician Sweater Beats performing live on set
Actor, Israel Arellanes interacting with the wall projection on set
The Shadow Horror Short Film

A Muscovite raised as a Milanese, is now designing between Los Angeles and Lugano.

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